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Greg Orr, LPG
Senior Geologist/Member

Greg has over 13 years of experience in the environmental industry. He established Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC in 2015.  He currently serves as Senior Project Geologist involved in all phases of site investigation and remediation, including proposal, bid acquisition, permitting, monitoring, installation, analysis and reporting. He is responsible for field project management of large and complex phases of field.  Greg ensures projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

Greg has experience in planning and initiating remediation at petroleum and solvent sites with a variety of technical approaches including excavation and disposal, excavation combined with injection, and installation of many types of mechanical remediation systems (air sparge, soil vapor extraction, groundwater extraction and multi-phase extraction).  He is also responsible for installing thousands of monitoring wells, remediation wells, and soil borings in Indiana and Kentucky.

Other duties include: Assistance in managing all aspects of Phase I and Phase II site assessments/investigations; performing property condition assessments, performing lead-based paint and asbestos inspections, mold inspections/remediation, and methamphetamine inspections/remediation. Type your paragraph here.