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Methamphetamine Inspections

"Indiana led the nation last year in the number of meth lab seizures, a new law enforcement report says.  A total of 1,797 seizures took place throughout the state, a 5.8 percent jump from the 1,698 incidents reported the previous year, according to statistics from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The Missouri police compile the statistics from the Department of Justice’s National Clandestine Laboratory Seizure Report." Indianapolis Star report dated April 1, 2014.

Homes and rental properties can become contaminated with methamphetamine by use of the drug and also by its production.  It is not always easy to know if a property has been contaminated as pure meth is odorless and colorless.  In most cases, the only sure way to know if a home is free of methamphetamine contamination is through sample collection and laboratory test.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that is made from common household chemicals. If meth has been cooked or smoked inside a structure, it will saturate walls, floors, ceilings and systems making it unsafe for occupants.

"Smoking" is the most common form of meth use. When meth is smoked, the drug is heated and turned into a vapor. The vapor that is not inhaled by the smoker is then deposited on the walls, floors, furnishings, and duct system leaving a residue of meth. The amount of meth residue depends on the amount and frequency of smoking. Because of the increased trend in "smoking meth," homes that were never used to produce meth are still testing positive for meth contamination putting many families at risk.

A home is one of the largest investments you will ever make, and should appreciate in value over time. The cost of clean up on a home contaminated with methamphetamine can range from $2000 to well over $10,000 depending on the scope of remediation.  In the state of Indiana only Certified Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup Inspectors are permitted to test a property for methamphetamine contamination.

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