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Residential Environmental Assessments

The Residential Environmental Assessment discloses the location and details of environmentally impacted sites near the property identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and related state and local agencies, calculating the distance and direction to sites that have been historical environmental hazards and those that are in the clean-up process. The assessment report lists the hazards in proximity to the property and provides the buyer with detailed

information about the nature and status of the sites on or near the premises.

Each property will also be checked for inclusion of reported illegal drug lab properties.  Full illegal drug lab sampling can be included for additional costs.

Environmental professionals at Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC are committed to quick turnaround times and thorough evaluation to enable you to promptly make business decisions based upon reliable environmental determinations.  Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC understands that providing fast, thorough, cost-effective answers to your environmental questions is critical.

The value of doing business with Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC is three-fold: 1) credentialed professionals that listen to the specific needs of the client, 2) follow through according to those specific needs, 3) a finished product that has full support of Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC professional staff.  

From start to finish, Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC will furnish environmental determinations you need to get business done.

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