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  • Excavation and Disposal/Recycling of Contaminated Soil
  • Brownfield Investigations and Remediation
  • State Specific Assessments and Cleanup Services
  • SBA Transaction Screens
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Testing

To ensure the health of people and the environment, OES provides clients with site assessment, remediation, and monitoring services for soil, groundwater, and indoor air quality.

Many projects face the challenge of contamination, whether in the ground or in building materials. We can research past use of land or buildings and identify potential concerns. Or if your site is contaminated, we will help you resolve the issue, meet regulatory requirements, and keep your project moving forward.

Our licensed and accredited professionals have extensive experience conducting asbestos assessments, lead-based paint assessments, mold assessments, methamphetamine assessments, soil and groundwater assessments, site investigations, monitoring, and remediation. We have experience with brownfield investigations, and we offer state-specific assessment and closure services to assist private and government clients.

Relevant Services

  • Environmental Site Assessments, Remediation, and Monitoring
  • Asbestos Building Material Surveys
  • Lead-Based Paint Building Material Surveys
  • Microbial Growth Building Material Surveys
  • Methamphetamine Building Material Surveys
  • Removal of Underground Storage Tanks

Site Assessment & Remediation