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Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC provides Transaction Screens as an alternative approach to a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  The Transaction Screen consists of a limited scope of work and is designed to assess the environmental condition of commercial real estate.  A Transaction Screen is recommended for low risk property types or properties with extensive historical information available.  The report issued will document potential environmental conditions on the property or on the adjacent properties.

Unlike the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, the Transaction Screen does not meet the requirements of the EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry and will not offer the user protection from CERCLA liability.

Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC Transaction Screen reports are compliant with the most current ASTM E1528 standard.

Environmental professionals at Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC are committed to quick turnaround times and thorough evaluation to enable you to promptly make business decisions based upon reliable environmental determinations.  Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC understands that providing fast, thorough, cost-effective answers to your environmental questions is critical.

The value of doing business with Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC is three-fold: 1) credentialed professionals that listen to the specific needs of the client, 2) follow through according to those specific needs, 3) a finished product that has full support of Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC professional staff.  

From start to finish, Orr Environmental Solutions, LLC will furnish environmental determinations you need to get business done.

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